A Tour of Fredericksburg

Every couple has their "place".
If I had to pick one place that's special to Brian and me as a couple,
it would be Fredericksburg, TX.

We started going there shortly after we began dating,
mainly because we were looking for a place to go for President's Day Weekend.
We needed something semi-close since we were only planning to go for one night.

And that was it for us.
We haven't stopped going back since.
I'd been once before as a little girl, but I barely remembered it.

I wrote about our first trip here.
And a return visit here.
I love that it's a quaint little country town.
But there's great wine and food.

And since we're both German, 
we LOVE that aspect of it.

I usually start getting the itch to visit in the fall, 
because it's the best place to go when the weather is cool.
We have a little routine when we go there.

We usually leave Fort Worth around 7:30 am, which lands us in Fredericksburg
around lunchtime.
We'll check in to our B&B and then head to lunch at Silver Creek.
They have a great patio, usually with live music on Saturdays.
Yummy, and casual German food and great beers.

 After I've given Brian a couple German beers,
I can usually convince him to browse with me through red,
a fabulous little vintage-modern home and gift shop.


In the afternoon, we'll head to wine tasting at our two favorite vineyards nearby.

Grape Creek vineyards is first.
I actually prefer it to every other vineyard in Fredericksburg.
The wine is fabulous and the atmosphere is perfect.
They have the best outdoor patio.

We usually head to Becker Vineyards in the early evening,
right as the sun is about to set.
They have wonderful wine as well, and the perfect patio for a beautiful Hill Country sunset.

We usually have dinner at Der Lindenbaum
a truly authentic German restaurant.
You feel as though you've been transported to another time.
It's magical.

We usually end the night with drinks at either House. Wine. 
or Lincoln Street Wine Bar.

They're both awesome in their own ways. House.Wine is small and intimate with a carefully curated menu. Lincoln Street has a great patio, a wonderful cheese selection, and great wines.

That's our unofficial trip "itinerary".

One thing I place major emphasis on before we take each trip to Fredericksburg is 
finding a great Bed and Breakfast to stay in.
Of course they have hotels, 
but it sort of defeats the experience of being in a quaint Hill Country town.

I am LOVING this B&B I found on VRBO recently,
It consists of two little cottages which you can rent separately or together.

And just look how picturesque it is.

It reminds me of something you'd find in New England.
So fresh and charming.

What's your favorite vacation spot?