Wedding Wednesday......A Paris Fantasy

 They say it can be very hard to take your eyes away from
a train-wreck.
I have the opposite problem. I have a very hard time looking at awful things,
but when something is really beautiful, it's hard to avert my eye-balls.

Such is the case with my most recent discovery of wedding inspiration eye-candy,
It's amazing.

It's written/photographed by an adorable French/American couple 
that are engagement and wedding photographers in where else,

Now, let's be real, most photographs are going to be pretty in
a backdrop like Paris.

But there's something about the easy, understated glamour that these artists bring 
to the mix.

Side note, How chic is this chick's outfit?
It reminds me of Anne Hathaway in Paris during Devil Wear's Prada

All images courtesy of One and Only Paris Photography

I've got to say, this blog immediately launched me into a pie-in-the-sky
fantasy about getting hitched in Paris.

If you are planning to get married across the pond, give this fabulous
couple a call.
If not, make sure you visit their blog so you can at least fantasize about a wedding
in Paris.

A girl can dream, right?