Wedding Wednesday......A big pile of random.

How does everyone feel about my Wedding Wednesday's posts?
I know it seems sometime they're the only posts I get to each week.

Partly because I enjoy them so much-----Sometimes I think I should give up and just start a completely wedding related blog. And partly because Wednesday just seems to be a day where I can blog every week. I feel like I'm over the "hump".

I don't have anything really specific to contribute for this Wedding Wednesday, so I thought I'd give you a peek at my latest wedding inspiration that I've been pinning.

I'm jonesing for a few things right now.

 The first is black and white stripes, mixed with pops of gold.
It's so French and chic to me.

Simplistic, yet glamorous.

And I love an unexpected use of really natural looking centerpieces.
Lots of greenery and organic florals.

Going with the natural florals theme, I'm loving an 
incorporation of lavender.

And a completely outdoor wedding, complete
with strung white lights over the lacquered dance floor.
Weather permitting, of course.

I'm loving the idea of a formal event in a natural and understated setting,
adding touches of glamour with white lights, gold accents, and pretty details.

Every time I think about my ideal scenario,
I find myself conjuring images of Marie Antoinette (the Sofia Coppola version with K. Dunst, natch)
at her summer house, throwing lavish, but understated dinner parties.

Happy Hump Day!