Green is the New Black.

I'm in love with dark green.
And it's all Tory Burch's fault.
Because she makes beauties like this.

Or perhaps it's Michael Kors' fault.

 Or Yves Saint Laurent

 I can't get enough of this rich, delicious color.
So dark that it's almost black.

I love this montage of Joan (Christina Hendricks) in Mad Men wearing my favorite hue.
In my mind she can do no wrong....much like Tory.

As I often love in interiors what I like in fashion,
I'm super into dark greens in rooms.

Love this Farrow & Ball paint color, Studio Green

I love the dark green on walls.
The deep color is so dramatic and beautiful.
 And it's gorgeous on exterior doors.

And although I'm a die-hard "light" nails girl who refuses to follow the shiny black nails trend,
I might have to try on green nails for size.

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Really, this green is a neutral.
Use it as you would use black....See what kind of fabulousness ensues.