Reasonable Rugs----The Urban Myth.

I was talking to a friend today about how hard it is to find reasonably priced rugs.
And reasonably priced, attractive rugs are even more rare.

So I thought I'd make a few picks.

Now, if you're on a major budget, a good sisal is really the way to go.

This one is at Pottery Barn--- $199 for a 5 X 8!

But some people need a tad more pizazz injected into their lives.
So here, my friends are my Five Rugs under $500

LOVE this Safavieh Martha Stewart Kalahari Grey Rug----$425 for a 5 x 8
I love that it's an animal print, but still ultra-neutral.

These two are techinally the same rug in two different colorways, but they were too 
good not to show both.
I love the whimsical feel of the dots and the graphic quality.
The black and white version is so classic and sexy.
It's yearning for some gold and piano lacquer----just sayin'.
They're $299 for a 5 X 8
via PBTeen

Love the mid-century mod quality of this one from West Elm
$349 for a 5 x 8

This one is actually from Restoration Hardware baby & child.
$379 for a 5 X 8
It's a good secret to buying rugs. 
The "baby" versions are the same size and typically A LOT cheaper.
Most of the other rugs are relatively neutral.
But if you need a real shot of color in your life, go with this stunner from Ikea.
$399 for a 6'4 square.

Which one is your favorite?