Wedding Wednesday.... The Bridal Shower

For this Wedding Wednesday I thought we'd get on the topic of the bridal shower.
Which, if you are or have been a bridesmaid, you know is very important.

I've been to dozens of bridal showers and thrown a couple.
And here is what I've learned: A bridal shower, if done right can be simple, chic, and inexpensive.

First, you need to think of a theme.
Something that represents the guest of honor.

To clarify, I'm not suggesting that you decorate the venue with colorful plastic horses
because your friend love "My Little Pony" when you were little girls.

I'm talking, TASTEFUL theme.

For my friend Elizabeth's shower last year,
we decided to throw her a hat party.

Let's face it, all girls love to wear beautiful retro hats.
It's really a forgotten art.

Next, You need to come up with a unique invite.
Again, something that represents the bride.

Love this invitation to Dylan Lauren's bridal shower,
owner of Dylan's Candy Bar

Obviously the discussion of cocktails is next.
And YES, I think you should be serving them.
YES, even during the day.

Champagne is a popular and great choice.
Love this idea of serving it in wine glasses with colorful popsicles.

I've also served it with assorted juices and raspberries and mint leaves
for "Modified Mimosas"

White peach juice, pomegranate, and grapefruit juice work best.

Also, if you're a bridesmaid on a budget, 
you need to be aware of a great inexpensive sparkling wine.

Alan Christopher tastes like the expensive stuff,
but retails for $7.99/bottle.

No joke. It's delicious.

To go with your delish cocktails, 
you need a few delectable finger foods.

You can have a pretty gourmet spread 
without spending the big bucks if you shop smart and keep it simple.

Smoked Salmon canapes are easy and cheap to make because you need very little salmon.
You can use cucumber, avocado, or melba toast as a vessel.

Other good options include:

Proscuitto wrapped Melon

Arugula and Fig Flatbread

Gourmet Finger Sandwiches

A big part of the nosh needs to be dessert foods.
Especially artfully presented one's.

Simple decoration goes a long way.
Love this yellow and white striped runner with a pretty bottle of sparkling lemonade and wildflowers.

 You can also decorate the table with colorful treats, 
like pastel macaroons.

Keep them in a pretty box 
or arrange them on a crystal cake stand.

Voila! A perfect bridal shower!
Don't forget to Google fun shower games!

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Now, sit back relax and let them eat cake!