A Different Take on Retro Decor.....

I'm unusually obsessed with the 1960's and therefore spend tons of time 
looking at 60's inspired clothing and home decor.

Most often, I gravitate toward retro inspired spaces that are brightly colored,
like this space by Meg Braff.

A Palm Beach style look, if you will.

So I was very surprised at myself for fawning over this space on Veranda.com.
It's more of an understated, neutral palette, while still retaining that mid-century modern feel.

I adore how they layered textures, while keeping a monochromatic look.

Love the light in this bedroom.
I also love the lucite table as a "bench" at the end of the bed.

This bathroom is the only thing I'm not wild about.
It's a little spa meets asian inspired for my taste.

images via Veranda.com and pinterest.com

What do you think of this neutral mid century home?
Love it or leave it?