It's Friday and I'm in Love!

Here are my obsessions for the week.

I asked Brian (also known as the cheapest man alive) whether he would ever pay $3,000+ for a liquor decanter. And his answer was no. 

Until of course, he saw this cute corgi decanter that my friend Lauren of The Semi Designed Life 
sent me. We'll be needing this for our bar.
Now if Asprey could lower the price by like, $2,900, that would be just super.
 The newest Slim Aarons coffee table book.
It arrived at my office today,
and I'm already completely obsessed.
It will be gracing my Christmas list this year.

 I hear a cold front is hitting Texas this weekend and it's got me thinking about my number 
one obsession during the winter....COATS.

I have waaaay too many, and I don't plan to ever stop finding new amazing coats.
Why, oh why do I live in such a warm city?

Vintage coats are my favorite and I see so many amazing choices on Etsy.
I'm partial to the 1960's variety.

I'm totally in love with Restoration Hardware's new round Aero Dining Table.
Just the right mix of French Industrial chic and mid-century modern.

I love the new take on the classic tulip table shape.

Happy Weekend!