"You know the difference between you and me? I make this look GOOD."

-Will Smith- Men In Black

I was babysitting some precious angels in the form of little boys a few weeks ago and they were watching the original Men In Black. I love watching movies that you haven't seen since you were a kid, because they seem to take on a whole new meaning.

Well, Men in Black got me thinking about Rooms in Black, which I've been seeing alot of lately and LOVE.

Normally I'm terrified of color, but there's something that a gloss black room, or wall, or row of cabinets does.
Mackenzie Dress on Elizabeth Olliver

It's like donning the LBD, it gets real classy, real fast.

I think the black trellis wallpaper from Schumacher is my favorite way to institute the black walls. It looks ridic with these canary curtains and dark floors.

And here with a white contrasting piece

Lonny via Peppermint Bliss via La Dolce Vita

LOVE it in this bath room. And I like how they used acccessories (towels, a green stool) to bring in color.

And we all know I love this kitchen. And Kelly Wearstler.

This bedroom is the CHICEST thing I've ever seen. Wouldn't you just wake up every morning thinking... "God, I'm Fabulous." ?
What do you think of the Room-In-Black?