Pick Your Poison.... Colors vs. Neutrals

I have a constant internal battle between bright colors and neutrals when decorating.

I've spoken before about being somewhat afraid of color in my own home.
For years, I've aired on the neutral side. Choosing light grey walls, grey & white bedding and tons of white and black furniture.

Recently, I've been adding pops of yellow, orange, and teal into my repertoire.

I often feel like colors and neutrals are perched on opposite shoulders 
like a cartoon angel and devil.

Two of my best friends are perfect examples.


I'll call Blair (on the left) the Neutralista. She LOVES neutrals. You can always find her in black, white, or a combo of the two and her decorating taste falls in line with that. Think Audrey Hepburn, in this century. Greige design was invented in her honor.

Callie (on the right) is always a fan of color. Our college house had a mint green kitchen. No, not the walls. EVERYTHING was mint green. It was pretty spectacular. Callie is always searching for the latest colorful romper or fun colorful piece of jewelry and she is always inspiring me to add a little color in my life.

Some Neutral Inspiration....

And some colorful rooms I've been eyeing!

image via Lonny Magazine

If anyone can remember who designed this bedroom, please comment and tell me.
 I'm OBSESSED with it.

I would pretty much like to have every element of it in a master bedroom. The gorgeous gold wallpaper, the punchy hotel bedding, the bright orange silk dupioni curtains!

Can you tell that I'm really liking orange?

 image via thelenoxx.com

So, what's your poison?

Do you love color? Are you afraid of it?

Or does a home full of neutrals and monochromatics float your boat?