The Lovely Creative Studio.... Comes TO LIFE!

image via ElleDecor

Well we worked on it Saturday.
Lots of posts to come about my travels to that end.

We found a "credenza" at High Fashion Home which is really a big desk. Mercury glass topped with gold trim and hardware. It's pretty fabulous.

However, we're now throwing the entire Industrial Shelving concept out the window.
And my client has become obsessed with the idea of gold shelving.
Which, I must admit, I'm pretty ok with, because it's fabulous.

There's one problem.
We. CAN'T. Find Them.

For your information, this is the kind of thing we're searching for.

This is really the only thing similar I've been able to find. Gold vintage bamboo shelving from Mecox Gardens.
But it doesn't quite have the luster I'm looking for.
No offense Mecox.

Like anyone with good client service skills, I'm trying to help my client think about other potential options.

Like some of these...

image via The Lennoxx
I love the minty color of these...

All very Parsons looking.

So, here's where you come in Readers.
HELP ME find these shelves.

Whoever does will be graced with my eternal love.