Thursday's Thoughts.... iomoi

So, A few months ago I was perusing my friend Natalie's Honeymoon photos for about the 40th time. (Nothing creepy, I just really like to live vicariously through people who take fabulous vacations. Especially in Places like Jumby Bay, Antigua) And I noticed this picture below:

And I said to myself, "Self, that's a mighty cute bag that you need to have"

It wasn't anything mind blowing because Natalie always has cute stuff because she's just cool like that. And then my ADD kicked in and I promptly forgot about it.

Fast Forward to last night and I was reading the newest In Style Magazine. And there was the bag with a link to the website. iomoi

And then I went to the website. And I was in TROUBLE.

Because, I want it all.

Show me lucite and I'll show you a dedicated believer. I love this stuff.

And the Totes. Oh, the Totes. Magnifique!

This tote pattern is most certainely up my alley. Mom? Christmas?

Or this. Don't even talk to me about it. It's FABOO.

My momma would love herself somma this for Jesus's Bday Celebration.

I chide you not, my friend Jackie would POOP in her pants if I gave her this.

Notecards In a Lucite Tray with Monkey's on them? Navy and Pink Accent Colors?

Love these. Don't they just scream, 1960's Palm Springs?

Love these notecards. They yell out " Hello, I'm fabulous. You should consider yourself lucky to be getting a note from me."

Get the to iomoi Today.
And just in case you wanted a little history...
It was started by Irene Chen (who used to work for Donna Karan, like my girlfriend Liz!) and Matthew Grenby. Obviously these people are Fabulous. Much like their products.