Home Style In FunkyTown

image via Domino Magazine

I've been wanting a new house forever. Which is probably why Brian and I spend most Sundays scoring the paper and looking at open houses. We're pretty methodical people, so it will probably be awhile before we take the plunge, but it never hurts to look, right?

Wrong. Especially if you find a house that looks like this.


Formal Living Room
If I could change something, I would change the marble on the fireplace to a carrera marble.

We'll visit this again, the kitchen needs some work...

Breakfast Room

Dining Room
Master Bath
(Not Crazy about this vanity, it would have to be changed)

Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom Balcony

Then you're in for PURE TORTURE.

Whatdoya think? Whatever, It's amazing. Who WOULDN'T love it?

I also have to confess that part of the fun of looking at a house is decorating it in your mind while you walk around. So I thought it would be fun to share how I would decorate this amazing house.

Today we'll do the Formal Living Room. Anchored by a fireplace in the center, I think a couple seating areas and a large console is the solution to this larger room.

In front of the fireplace I think it would be pretty to have two facing sofas that are a different shape/style but similar size, anchored by upholstery in the same fabric. I'm thinking a neutral flax linen.

Love these formal Living Rooms via DecorPad.

images via decorpad.com

Let's talk coffee tables.

In between the two sofas, I'd want a classic coffee table to anchor the sofas. I'd either go with something marble topped or an Industrial option.

In the second seating area, In front of the window, I think I'd do a small loveseat and two Louis XVI chairs.

Something Like this.

I love love love the chocolate velvet on the chairs. So classic and could bring me through all seasons.

Next, we have to consider consoles.

Love this one from Stella Dallas.

Or this one from Pieces in Atl.

via Pieces in Atlanta

Next, we add two fabulous matching lamps flanking the console.....

And a fancy mirror from Wisteria....

via Domino Magazine

And a collage of black and white photos....

Fresh Flowers....

A few Fabulous Coffee table books....

and of course, a dash of mercury glass.

AND, you're done!