Silver Screen Style...... Inspiration from my Favorite Cougars

Cougar Town is without a doubt my favorite new show. I haven't found one I really really liked since Sex and the City and Friends ended in 2004 and it's been a sad six years without a good comedy. I'll be the first to admit that I have pretty sub-par taste in TV and Movies, mainly because my criteria is pretty skewed. I prioritize like this: set design, costume design, entertainment value. Yes, in that order. Fortunately, Cougar Town possesses all those things. I have all the epies recorded on my DVR and I rewatch when I'm happy, sad, sleepy, hungover, lazy, etc.

I love love love the set design in this show. Jules and Ellie both have fabulous homes in the cul-de-sac. I'm probably so into their houses since they both fall into the 1960's Palm Beach Retro Decor group, but in different ways. Jules' house is much more modern and understated, while Ellie's house looks like a fabulous retro doll house, complete with damask wallpaper, a pink/green/white color combo and lots of white furniture.

Love Ellie's House.

If she were a real person, and I like to think Brian and I are alot like her and Andy...( Comon! I can be a little "firm" from time to time and Brian's pretty goofy), that she would have taken inspiration from a room like this one from Elle Decor

Jules house is pretty fab as well, though Ellie's is more my style. I do love Jules' kitchen and bedroom though.

I love the chair and headboard in Jules' boudoir... You can find the real things at West Elm and Restoration Hardware.

Even Grayson's House is stylish.... It's Man-Chic.

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One of my favorite recent scenes of Cougar Town....