A Gray Area.

I have noticed a trend in home decor lately that I want to comment on. That is, the subject of gray walls. I first noticed it in a spotlight in Elle Decor last year on Molly Sim's apartment home in Manhattan. She had beautiful gray walls and furniture that played off the cool, sophisticated color, giving her home a kind of understated glamour. In my favorite movie this year, 27 Dresses, the protagonist, Jane ( played by Katherine Heigl) had gray walls in her Manhattan apartment. While the rest of the furniture in her " home" was a bit too modern to jive with my taste, the wall color resonated with me. Since I have already discussed my desire for white bedding, I think gray walls would be the perfect contrast. The tricky thing however, will be to find a gray wall color that will play along with the kinds of light I get in my room which would encompass natural light, artificial light and candlelight. I think a shade of lighter gray would work best with all lights. I also like the idea of a room with gray and white think stripes that are painted, which is an idea I found from an article in Domino Magazine a few years ago about a woman who had transformed a separate bedroom into her dressing room. The stripes made the room look so luxe and inviting and I think I would truly enjoy time in my bedroom in that type of environment. I think both a solid gray wall and a striped design would be aesthetically pleasing and provide a sense of sophistication, peace,and understated glamour.
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Mackenzie Page
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taken from Brainyquote.com
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Picture of Vanity taken from Galleries at www.dominomag.com