Pairing the New Farrow & Ball 2016 Paint Colors with My Favorite Decor Pieces!

image via here

Yesterday I got an email from Farrow & Ball with the debut of their new paint colors for 2016. 
I love all of the nine new colors in their collection and I thought it might be fun to discuss them, along with a piece of decor I envision pairing with each color.

Shadow White No. 282 is the first color in their line up. A perfect, just barely off white, it's something I can see myself suggesting again and again to clients who want a more contemporary feel to their home, but are trying to veer away from everything looking too sterile.

Every white wall needs a touch of black and I love this bed from PB Teen. Modern in it's simplicity, with a bit of traditional detailing, I envision it in an all white room with all white bedding. I would love it with the crown and base boards painted this same black. Graphic and gorgeous!

This collection has a lot of teal-ish blue in it and I love that! We are all attracted to different colors inherently and teal and emerald are definitely two colors my eyes can't get enough of!

This shot with the modern blue and white brushstroke vases is everything---it sold me on the color immediately.

Mulberry Flying Ducks Velvet Sky--To the Trade

I imagine it in a family room with two large club chairs upholstered in this Mulberry Flying Ducks velvet.

Worsted is a gorgeous gray---and if you've ever dealt with gray, you know how hard it is to get it juuuust right!

I envision it in a woman's office, with a pair of these rose gold and marble shelves from CB2 flanking her desk.

Cromarty is this wonderful gray-ish neutral. The pairing with a light pink door inspired me so much that I immediately thought of this chair I had seen on West Elm's website some time ago. As I was going back through their chairs, I saw another pink and gold version I liked even more.

It's taking every fiber of self control in my being not to order two of these beauties for my living room RIGHT NOW.

Yeabridge green is so pretty, so English and so traditional.

I imagine it in a formal living room, saturated on the doors, woodwork and walls--Maybe even on the ceiling. In one of the corners of the room, I imagine this gorgeous Lucite and brass bar cart from Anthropologie, stocked full of accoutrement's for parties.

Salon Drab is such a beautiful and moody color. Almost graphite, but with a hint of mocha.

I imagine it in an entry hall----with gorgeous lighting and two of these carved metal chairs from Wisteria flanking an entry table.

Drop Cloth is this absolutely stunning neutral. It's not white or beige or gray---it's really a combo of all and I love it.

I imagine this color completely swathing a contemporary kitchen---walls, cabinets, and woodwork.

Over a big island, complete with a thick calacata marble top, I imagine three of these pendants from RH Modern.

I have long thought about painting my next dining room pink, and Peignoir may end up being my perfect shade. It's the perfect pink---such a crowd pleaser---It's almost porcelain, with just a hint of that blushy hue.

I loved this pairing with a deep burgundy hue, so much so that I started to imagine my pink dining room with Oxblood Lamps.

I would love to do a pair of these Jan Showers Collection Ceramic Series #2 Lamps.
I think they'd be gorgeous against the Peignoir walls atop a tall Rosewood Buffet.

Vardo is another gorgeous teal blue. I love how saturated the color is---probably one of my favorite aspects of all Farrow & Ball colors.

I imagine it in a master bedroom, with one wall in this gorgeous Miles Redd for Schumacher wallcovering and the rest of the walls and the ceiling in Vardo.

What's your favorite hue from the new Farrow & Ball collection?