The New House Beautiful and My Favorite Project by Miles Redd

I finally had a chance to open my February issue of House Beautiful last night after being out of town for the wedding. I have spent the last several days reading blog posts that fawn all over Michelle Adams' (former editor of both Lonny and Domino) home in Ann Arbor, and while I adore Michelle's cottage and it's minimalist meets edgy that somehow all fits together to be totally timeless sensibility, it was another project that caught my eye.

Miles Redd's refresh of his parent's home in Buckhead, which is a wealthy suburb of Atlanta is absolutely stunning and my only disappointment is that they didn't show more of it!

Ok, so first, here's Miles with his family, and no shock here, they are just as cute as he is.
Loving the vintage French iron furniture and the white and red cushions. How fun and classic.
I am also really enjoying the cross marketing of his fabric line for Schumacher which if you haven't seen it, is TO DIE FOR.

I adore this room that he made his mother's office---That large skirted table is a dining table with leaves. First, what a fun fabric opportunity---Loving this Lee Jofa Althea chintz, AND what a great way to hide stuff that you don't want to be seen! Which, let's be honest unsightly junk graces almost every office. I also love the addition of those two huge blue and white lamps and how Miles brings it all together with pleated silk shades that tie in the other fabrics in the room.

Their dining room is SO fun, and yet somehow still totally traditional. Love the china cabinet----I actually found one similar for my own mother. The yellow and cream striped wallpaper really grounds the space. I like how they went with another table skirt in here as well. Have an "L-shaped scratch" in your dining table like Elizabeth in The Help? A table skirt is a great option---much less expensive than just replacing your table and bonus, you could have a couple made to change out for different occasions. Please, please in the name of all that is good and holy have it made, and also make sure it touches the ground.

all images via House Beautiful

I was reminded of what I really love about Miles Redd's style while looking at this project. He is often wild and subversive with his use of color and patterns, but it all inherently FITS together. He ties it all back by repeating a color or theme in an accessory or a lamp shade. It makes his interiors look cohesive. I'm always curious as to whether there's something I've missed or don't get when it comes to some other designer's projects. It often seems that people mis-match and try wild color or pattern just to be noticed and it sometimes looks more random than beautiful.

Bravo Miles!