My Baby Sister's Wedding---A little Recap!

If you follow me on Instagram (and if you don't---be a dear, and follow me @mackenziepageinteriors) you're probably like, "Did your sister get married this weekend?"
 "OH, wait, you won't STOP posting about it."

Why yes, my baby sister, Molly tied the knot with her love,  Kirk on Saturday at Prospect House in Dripping Springs, TX. I worked most of the day on Wednesday (first day as my own boss!) and then headed to Austin to start the festivities. Our family friends were visiting from Germany and Denmark and I got to spend some time with them at the house we rented before and after the big day.

Before I start this post, you need to understand something. My sister was like, THE BEST maid of honor ever. Part of the deal is that she's a grade A bad ass and she gets shit done, pretty much at the cost of her own needs like sleeping and eating.

Anyway, I went into this weekend feeling like it was Christmas morning and I had already opened a thoughtful, creative gift from her and I knew all I had to give in return was a pair of sensible socks.

I was determined to at least partially return the favor. 
We started with a day of beauty on Thursday-----Waxing (ouch), nails, lunch and then an airbrush tan.

Side note on nails.

 I'm one of those people that hates doing the shellac thing. I don't have time/don't want to sit there for 17 hours under that stupid light. I have more important things to do---like write blog posts. 

Anyway, the traditional nail polish route is not exactly a fail-safe for me either because I ruin them in 3.2 seconds when leaving the salon. 

Have ya'll tried Vinylux polish? It's the BEST.

Dries immediately, lasts twice as long and can be removed with nail polish remover.
Some salons offer it, but I went and bought my own at Ulta and had them use it on me at the salon.
You do no base coat, several coats of the polish and top it off with the Vinylux top coat.
You're welcome. 

Thursday night we hung around the house and ordered dinner in, and my mom tested out lip color shades for Molly's bridal look.

Friday morning we did the rehearsal at 9 am and provided coffee and bagels for everyone.
I must admit that I was pretty skeptical about rousting everyone out of bed at 6:30 am to get ready for the bridal luncheon and get them to the rehearsal, but it was nice that we didn't have to rush on to a rehearsal right before dinner.

Rehearsal was followed by a bridal luncheon at Josephine House in Austin hosted by my Aunt Dixie, who is my mom's best friend.

Aunt Dixie also hosted my bridal luncheon with my Aunt Shawn who is my godmother and I'll be honest, I didn't think there was ANY WAY Dixie would top what she and Shawn threw me.


This bridal luncheon was ridiculous.

First, we were greeted on a heated patio with a choice of French 75's or Sparkling Rose in very THIN champagne glasses.

That's what I imagine the gates of heaven are like.

Then we were ushered in to the cutest little cottage for lunch, complete with a carrara marble bar holding rustic bread and more chilling rose.

It was like Instagram heaven.

I made Molly take several selfies with me.

The helicopter angle is working for me and I am not sorry about it.


Here we are with Josefine, our friend from Denmark.

Whenever I'm in a cute restaurant, I'm always eager to see the bathroom, because it's usually pretty good and this one did not disappoint. Painted paneling and carrara marble hex floors. Yum.

I'm not usually one for mirror selfies, but I thought ya'll might enjoy seeing a full length of what I wore.

Loved the sink too with the wall mounted cross handle faucet. YES.

I know what you're thinking---Like, did you leave this bathroom at any point?

Dixie had decorated the tables with this gorgeous dried foliage with woodland creature finger puppets scattered about. I know, she's the best.

Friday night we went to the rehearsal dinner at my Uncle Phil's office---He owns a company called Film Fleet that rents equipment and trailers to the movie business and he has a huge office and property where they store everything. The dinner was awesome and magical and my cousin Shelly who works with her Dad, did such an amazing job.

Friday morning we woke up early to start getting ready.

Makenzi Laine and her team came to do our hair and makeup and they were SO awesome.

I had a couple comments on Insta asking where Molly's robe was from. It was actually a full length caftan and she gave all of the bridesmaids one, each in a different pattern/color. I gave my bridesmaids shorter one's when I got married and we both got them on Laughing Cherries.

You can order them in all these different colors/patterns/styles and they'll customize them to your bridesmaids size and height.

They are also much more reasonable than some of the other companies I found that did the same thing.

We headed over to the venue, Prospect House around 1 since it was about 35 miles away and the wedding started at 4:30.  Molly put her dress on and took all of our breath away. The dress was designed by Watters, who also designed my wedding dress. It was so so gorgeous.

Prospect House was also amazing in all it's minimalist glory. Typical Interior Decorator but I told Molly after the rehearsal that I was most excited about how fabulous the powder rooms were!

The ceremony was outside just before sunset, and albiet FREEZING, it was so sweet and special.

I was the only one who witnessed my Dad seeing Molly for the first time and suffice it to say that all three of us started crying immediately.

I stole all these ceremony pictures from my friend Anu. Seeing that he's in Finance and not photography, I don't think he'll mind. 

Here's my hubby waiting for the ceremony to begin.

My parents watching them get married.

My Uncle Bob and Aunt Julie were the officiants.

I wore a black sequined Calvin Klein gown and my great-grandmother's mink stole.

The newly minted, Mr. and Mrs. Cushing.

For those of you wondering why half of the pictures of Molly are of her backside, I was obsessed with the back of her dress--the illusion and the buttons were so gorgeous.

Molly's wedding decor was COMPLETELY different from mine---Very minimal florals (save for a fabulous arrangement by Sprout in the entry, a vine and floral covered wind vane twirling around the ceiling in the reception room and planted native grasses at the ceremony site with tons of glass cylinders filled with votive candles going up and down the tables. Each of our place settings was set with a white plate, grey napkin, a menu and a single black and white feather (a nod to Kirk's proposal with a snow owl feather). It was so cool and different and I absolutely loved it!

The Zwicks.

I took like, 9,000 selfies with pretty much everyone in attendance.

Here with Mr. Zwick.

Here with two of my besties, Blair and Rebecca.

My sweet parents danced the night away, probably mostly in celebration 
that this is their last wedding to pay for!

At the end of the night we all gathered outside to do a sparkler exit.

Love this picture of them, maybe my favorite of the night.

They drove away in a vintage Land Cruiser. My husband was thoroughly jealous.

It was an absolutely fabulous weekend and there's no other way to describe it than magical. 
Molly and Kirk really love each other and I'm so thrilled that they finally get to be together after 10 years of long distance dating from Texas to Canada.