Let's Go There-----The Raleigh Hotel in Miami

Exactly three years ago, I got an opportunity to take a work trip to Miami. I had been to Florida before, mostly to Seaside, and while I expected to like Miami, I did not expect to fall in love with it like I did. We stayed in Miami Beach (South Beach) for the duration of the trip, and on my morning walks to get coffee, I couldn't help but be captivated by the fabulously preserved art deco architecture, especially that of the hotels that are scattered along the ocean.

One hotel that I spotted in particular on that trip, and one that I vowed to return to one day, was the The Raleigh. Built in 1940, and beautifully re-done, the Raleigh boasts all the modern amenities you could ask for, while offering an ambiance that can only be present when a space is authentically retro.

The main element of the hotel that I keep dying over is the abundance of gorgeous outdoor spaces!

 I mean, just LOOK at that pool.

How would you like to have a lavish dinner on this patio?

Or a champagne brunch on this veranda?
Let's be honest, put kelly green stripes on just about anything and I'm smitten as a kitten.

I love this shot of the the entrance just beyond the palm.
It looks like the gates to heaven, if you ask me.

The interior has been restored to all it's retro glory.

The rooms are chock full of peachy goodness.

I even love this beach lounging situation. 
What. A. DREAM.

 I love this vintage photo of the pool. 
Pink Perfection!

image via here

I am turning the dreaded 3-0 at the end of May and we are taking a trip to Miami to celebrate. We are still deciding on hotels at the moment, but this South Beach beauty is at the tip top of my list.

Now I just need to go stock up on palm print attire to wear!

Happy Humpday Everyone!

images via TheRaleigh