The Power of Powder Blue.

They say that you can commit smells to memory. Like the smell of your mom's pot roast can conjure comforting and cozy thoughts years later. 

I can be the same way with colors.

When I was in high school, a stylish friend of mine had a beautiful spring dress coat in this perfect shade of powder blue.

Much like this one. 

I was always obsessed with this coat of hers, and I still think about it often.
In fact, I bought a similar coat last year, a vintage one that reminded me of hers that I had loved so many years before.

I think the attraction to this color—the elegance and glamour that it evokes in my mind, probably comes 
from my most favorite fairy tale, Cinderella.

Her beautiful blue shimmering dress is hard to forget. It's such a timeless color.

That beautiful shade of powder blue extends far beyond fashion. I absolutely love it in interiors.

Suzanne Kasler

Mary McDonald

Avalon Hotel a la Kelly Wearstler

Miles Redd

Suzanne Kasler

The best thing about using powder blue in interiors, is that it really reads as a neutral. It goes beautifully with a host of colors———red, yellow, hot pink, orange, all shades of green, gold, and more.