In high school, one of my closest friends was obsessed with cherries. Not really to eat, but she was obsessed with anything that was printed with cherries. I'm pretty sure the present loot from her 16th birthday consisted of nothing but cherry memorabilia. 

I have recently become obsessed with pineapples. To me, they're sort of an icon of the 60's in the Palm Beach/Palm Springs style of things. I have also recently learned that they are a symbol of welcome. A pineapple in your home can symbolize welcome, warmth and friendship. Now isn't that just lovely?

It's really not helping that Rifle Paper Co. decided to A. Start printing gorgeous wallpaper and B. Has a pineapple wallpaper that is TO DIE FOR and comes in like 5 colors.
Staaaaappp it. It such a beauty.

The black colorway is so sexy, I can't even handle it. 
And yes, those are metallic gold pineapples.

I am personally obsessed with the mint colorway. 
And I'm hoping like real real hard that we'll end up with a pink tiled bathroom a la the 60's in which to put said wallpaper.

I recently purchased a similar pineapple to the one above for my bar cart at an antique shop in Dallas. Love this one from Etsy.

Aside from decor, I love the pineapple for personal effects too---like this iphone cover.

This lamp was available on until recently, and when I went Google searching for 
it, look what I FOUND.

On Are they kidding me with this? 2 of these for $106.45

These little gems are night lights. Someone who has kids please do me a favor----buy one of these and invite me to your child's room so I can die over the cuteness.

Keeping with the theme of welcome, I absolutely love pineapple door knockers. 
They have some fabulous one's on Etsy.