Fall Weekend and Lunch Prep

I absolutely love fall weekends (or any weekend really where its not 900 degrees in Texas).

I did a lot of prep cooking for the week this weekend, which always makes me feel accomplished and super on top of things.

Since I started my big kid job in 2008, I've pretty much been an "out to lunch" type of gal. Meaning that I've made a habit of spending $7-$20 on lunch on any given day----from Eatzi's, Central Market (Eatzi's for Texas folks) or any host of take out places.
I don't even want to think about what my daily expenditure on lunch adds up to, much less what it does to my health.

My new boss----not so new anymore as we celebrated our year of working together in August----brings her lunch EVERY SINGLE DAY and always has. So, in the last year I've been much more motivated to bring mine.

Anyway, I go through phases of what I bring. Sometimes it's a thrown together smorgasbord of things, sometimes dinner leftovers, sometimes salads or a sandwich. 
I will say that while I love salads from a salad bar situation, I just cannot get excited about them when I make them myself for lunch. I make them for dinner all the time---but it's a weird thing I have about wanting homemade salads to be eaten immediately.

As of late, I've been buying this fabulous Gluten Free bread from udi's that my sister turned me on to.
I'm not exclusively gluten free---but I do somehow feel like this bread is a little healthier. It also comes frozen---which is amazing because Brian and I hardly ever finish a fresh loaf since before it spoils.

I've mostly been making smoked salmon sandwiches with it. A little whipped goat cheese, red onion, cucumber and a little cured salmon. Delicious. I've actually been looking forward to my little homemade lunch.

But good cured salmon ya'll-----Is 'spensive.

I was perusing Pinterest a couple weeks ago for new lunch options and I came across a few recipes to cure your own. Much more cost effective. So, when I came home on Friday night, I put this recipe from Martha Stewart into motion.

Guys, this is SO EASY. Seriously, my cousin's toddler could easily execute this recipe.
It takes about 5 minutes of prep and then you basically leave it alone for a day.

I cut some up for brunch on Sunday and it was soooo yummy.

On Saturday, I met one of my besties and another friend for my FIRST trip to the Texas State Fair.
It was a lot of interesting people watching and then crowds were insane, but I had the best time.
And, yes I had one of the famous Fletcher's corn dogs.

My picture of Big Tex and the most perfect cloudless fall day.

And an artsy fartsy picture of the cattle barn.

Sunday morning while Brian worked, I took the corgis on a walk in one of my favorite Fort Worth neighborhoods, Ryan Place. The house above has been and always will be my favorite Fort Worth house. It's one of the originals to the street, built in the early 1900's. They're doing work to it currently, and I keep secretly hoping that the owners will invite me in for a looksy.

image courtesy of A Sweet Pea Chef

Sunday night I made this delicious recipe from A Sweet Pea Chef for roast beef---which believe it or not, I had never tried making before. It too, was super easy. We had it for dinner on Sunday and Monday and had plenty of leftovers that I cut up for Brian to have on his lunchtime sandwiches.

How was ya'll's fall weekend?