Chinoiserie Wallpaper

There is something that is absolute MAGIC about chinoiserie wall covering. 
Whether it's Gracie, De Gournay----there is a life and movement that it adds to a room that simply cannot be matched.

I've long been a fan of chinoiserie wallpaper for dining rooms and powder rooms, both because those are places that you really get to show it off, and because they make those spaces feel more formal and special.

And it's part of life's superb unfairness that Aerin Lauder gets to have it in her dressing room.
But Whatever.

I really love the application of it in bedrooms.
Again, it makes the space feel so special and almost like your own private little jewel box.

Remember this iconic room from one of House Beautiful's small spaces issues?
I always thought it was a little weird that this couple's daughter had to sleep right next to them in that little trundle pull out. But, hey, maybe it offset the cost of that GORGEOUS wallpaper?

For those of us mere mortals, a full room of chinoiserie wallpaper is not practical for a whole room, let alone a bedroom.

But I do love the idea of framed chinoiserie panels!

Love this one with a custom monogram.
To die for.

I love how panels give you the look in your bedroom, without breaking the bank.

And, when you move, guess what?

You can take it with you.