Wedding Wednesday......Honeymoon Spot in Belize

Even though I love/never get tired of hearing about weddings, I'm quite certain that some of you don't feel the same. So while I plan to keep doing regular Wedding Wednesday posts, I think we can broaden our horizons on the subject matter.

Today I'd like to talk about honeymoons.

Specifically, the destination that I think Brian and I are pretty much decided on. 

We decided to take a delayed honeymoon for a host of reasons, Work Schedules being the first and biggest reason, and also because, since Brian never and I mean NEVER takes time off from his two businesses, I really wanted to maximize every minute of our honeymoon, and I knew that we wouldn't be able to do so if we were exhausted from the wedding. And now knowing how physically and mentally drained I was on Sunday, April 13th, I am SO thankful that we decided to delay.

We still haven't nailed an exact date down---post-wedding laziness has gotten the best of us, but we think we'll be going sometime this fall.

We've gone back and forth on where exactly we wanted to go, with the following criteria playing into our decision:

1. Budget-While some of our friend's parents have been kind enough to send them all over the world, we're paying for this little trip ourselves. So, we had to pick something relatively economical.
  2.  I HAVE to go somewhere that the water is turquoise- Since my family owns a beach house on the
       Texas coast, we've usually taken vacations that were skiing related or to a city. I've been to Mexico
        twice, but I've never gotten a taste of that gorgeous Caribbean water.
 3. Brian didn't want to go anywhere too "commercialized"- read, no Starbucks, and as few hi-rise
     resorts as possible.
 4. We both wanted a place where we could explore the town- and unfortunately a lot of Caribbean
      destinations are not safe enough to leave the resort.

After looking at all our criteria, I took to the most obvious research tool: Facebook. I looked through several honeymoon albums of both acquaintances and friends and noticed that several people had gone to Ambergris Caye/San Pedro, which is an island right off of the coast of Belize.

After more research, I discovered that while a lot of people stay at Victoria House, which is still an option for us, I absolutely love the look and feel of the more secluded Matachica Resort & Spa

No matter if you stay in the most expensive room or the least, everyone gets their own private cottage.

View from one of the cottages. Yes PLEASE.

Does it not look SO idyllic? Reviews are fab too.

I'll keep ya'll posted on our plans!