Wedding Wednesday.......A Little Sneak Peek at OUR WEDDING!

photo by Taylor Lord

Since it's Wednesday and everything, I thought it would be appropriate to give you a little peek into our wedding, for those of you who aren't following me on Instagram. If you want to it's @mackenziepages
Our wedding hashtag was #theschwicklife

I can't wait to share our actual pictures from that day, taken by Taylor Lord. Taylor has long been my favorite wedding photographer and choosing her to shoot our day was a no brainer. The picture above is from the engagement photos we took in the early spring.

Funny story, my maiden name (and still my legal name technically as I'm delinquent on sending my forms in--eek!) was Schriber and my new last name is Zwick. So I tried to get all US Weekly on our selves and combine our names for our website/hashtag. Well, the day after the wedding a few of our friends who weren't paying attention/were deliriously hungover started calling me Mrs. Schwick. Haha. I guess I can go by both.

My friend Lauren of The Semi-Designed Life and Pendleton Design designed my logo for the wedding. We used it on just about everything, from our Save-The-Date to our welcome bags. Remember this post where I talked about the idea for this some 3 plus years ago? My sweet cousin Shelly even had decals made to go on the buses that ferried everyone to and fro.

We spent the day getting ready at the CUTEST house we rented and I gave all of the girls the caftans that you see me still wearing below. A word to the wise---If you're thinking about doing robes/caftans for your maids, go through Laughing Cherries. Very reasonable, easy to work with and the turned out so so cute!

This is my favorite picture EVER of my sweet besties Jackie and Morgan.

My AMAZING wedding planner, Melanie McKinley with Mayhar Design set up this gorgeous display of fruit and macaroons as a surprise for me. If you need a wedding planned and designed, give her a call. She is fabulous and I cannot sing her praises enough.

My sister Molly (far right in the black dress) was my maid of honor and then I had 12 house party attendants. Molly and I picked out her dress together at Saks---It's Teri Jon, and fun fact, remember that random lady that burst into song during her acceptance speech at the Oscars this year? She wore the same thing! and I had the house party girls pick sparkly dresses of their choosing, in gold, silver, blush, champagne.

 Sprout flowers in Fredericksburg made these amazing Lavender and Herb Bouquets for them.
Michelle of Sprout is the most incredible florist. I was head over heels for EVERYTHING she did.

My shoes and fabulous bouquet from Sprout.

Photo by Mayhar Design

About three days before the wedding we decided to switch gears and get a bigger tent (originally our tent was just going to house the dance floor) so that we could have more/better options in case of rain.
We ended up getting a Sperry Tent from Whim Event Rentals and it looked so amazing. Better than I could have ever imagined. We strung up festoon lights inside it and it just looked so so magical.

Here's the inside while they were setting everything up.

Melanie from Mayhar Design made these gorgeous boards for our escort cards. They turned out so perfectly. Emily Norman Calligraphy did the fabulous calligraphy!

Pretty much the entire time we were planning the wedding I kept insisting that I wanted our long head table to straddle this walkway leading up to the Lavender Haus at Becker. It was specifically beacuse I wanted this picture. This gorgeous ambience of having this beautiful Hill Country house in the background. It turned out even better than I imagined.

Photos by Mayhar Design and Sprout via Instagram

The chairs decorated for the Bride and Groom.

We did a wine pairing dinner catered by Royal Fig---Again cannot sing their praises enough---the food was wonderful and they did such a fabulous job.

Oh, and much to the chagrin of our more cynical friends, our corgis were actually in the wedding.
I loved every second of it. As you can see they were suuppperr bummed about all the attention they got.

It was a magical night that is still such a blur. I can't believe that after all the planning and toiling, that it's over. It was so special to have family and friends travel from all corners of the globe to be there with us. I have never felt more love in one place.

And for now, I'll leave you with my favorite photo from the night thus far, taken by Dan Joyce, my dear friend Sarah's husband. (Fun Fact: I introduced them in 2006 and they got married three weeks before us!) 

Daniel is an amazing photographer---check him out on Instagram @danjoyce