A Pop of Red

Our wedding was absolutely fabulous.
I couldn't have asked for a better time to be had by all, more wonderful California-esque weather and a more overwhelming feeling of love and support from our friends and family.

But for now, I'm going to take a break from wedding talk, mainly because I think the afformentioned friends and family are going to stop taking my calls if I mention one more thing about our wedding.

So instead let's talk about babies.

Haha, just kidding, kind of. Breath everyone. (Especially Mom and Brian)
We're not near the baby train yet, and we're not even looping around the baby train station. 
I'd say we're a good 3 to 5 years out. In case you were wondering.

However, I am a planner. For better for worse.
I think I've discussed before that I really consider what I want in our next house before making even the tiniest decision in our current house. It just makes good sense, since I know we won't be there forever. I know not to make any decisions that are too permanent, and too akin to this particular house.

It all started when I saw these two sets of sheets at Home Goods. For some reason I was so drawn to them. I couldn't help thinking how chic and happy these crisp red and white sheets were.

The funny thing is, I am SO not a red person normally. Sure, I like the odd red dress, and I have a few pairs of red pumps and I definitely swath on some crimson lipstick from time to time, but I normally completely avoid the powerful color in my decor. I'm usually drawn to softer colors.

But I haven't been able to get these happy little sheets out of my mind.

New York based design team Tilton Fenwick recently launched a fabric line for Duralee and it is TO DIE FOR.

When I was looking through their new collection, I was surprised to be drawn to yet another red fabric.

And I think it would make the cutest little lumbar pillow in this chair in our guest room that I've planned to recover forever.

Which led me to thinking about the fabric I'd want use on the actual chair.

And I just love this coordinating Tilton Fenwick option

I love how both of these fabrics, along with the sheets tie into the vintage light fixure that I already have in the guest room.

This is an old picture (taken with an old iPhone) but it's a cream drum shade with cherry red and navy piping.

It's all kind of a fun French Country look.

I've been scheming about this for the last few weeks and have even decided to attempt a diy project of adding red and white pom pom trim to some pre-made drapery. 

And lacquering the white dresser in our current master red.

Like this.

A little inspiration if you will.

And then I remembered something.

You see, In our next house (which I'm hoping will have three bedrooms) I'm planning to use the furniture in our current master as the guest room, and our current guest room furniture in guest room number two. I'm also planning on making our current den into our living room (which is why I decorated it to be a bit more formal than your typical den.) This way, theoretically, I'll only have to start from scratch on our Master Bedroom and the den.

Eventually when it comes time for babies, Guest Room # 2 will morph into the nursery. 

And wouldn't it be just perfect that my new little scheme fits perfectly with the wallpaper I've wanted forever in my nursery?

Which, coincidentally has grey in the background the exact shade of the Pom Pom Duvet and Shams that is in our current guest room. 

Full circle people. And meant to be.