Wedding Wednesday.....Rehearsal Dinner Decor

I'm not going to lie, there are times when I hold out on ya'll.

Especially with the wedding, I don't always want to just give away the whole farm. Which is super difficult when blogging, because obviously full disclosure is key.

I've thought about keeping my rehearsal dinner inspiration a secret, but I've decided to share it with you. Now, don't you feel super special?

We're having our rehearsal dinner at the Admiral Nimitz Museum in downtown Fredericksburg.
It will be in their courtyard, which is simple and beautiful.

Our meal will be BBQ---standard fare for rehearsal dinners, but the place is actually really delish.
This next statement may offend some, but although I was born and raised in Texas, I'm not super into "Texas-y" decor.

I know the whole mason jar thing is super popular right now, but I'm not into it.

GASP. I know. I don't like Dave Matthews either, while I'm revealing blasphemous secrets.
There, I said it.

Anyway, the least offensive choice for dinnerware from our caterer is blue and white speckled melamine. Popular for Texas-y and Homestyle type restaurants. And I actually think they're pretty cute.

After we agreed on that with the caterer, I thought, now what on god's green earth do I do with the decor?

And then it came to me.

Blue and white porcelain.
Tons of it. 
In all of it's traditional, asian, retro glory.

Some inspiration if you will.

If the wedding gods were smiling on me, I'd find some huge blue and white pots for orange trees.
I'm obsessed with the thought/concept of orange trees.
I just love them.

We will also be repurposing some of the white orchids that will be used the next day at the wedding in blue and white planters.

I've gone all over (flea market, antique shops, etc) looking for blue and white porcelain, and I've actually found some pretty great deals so far.

I'm still undecided on napkins, but I'm thinking alternating bright orange and pink linen ones.

Wish I could get super intense and have them all monogrammed, but we're having a HUGE rehearsal dinner and I'm not a gazillionare.

images via Pinterest

It's a nice thought though.