Design Obsession........Bear-Hill Interiors

Everyone suffers from "The Mondays" once in a while.

Even people who love their jobs, like me.

You know what cures my "Mondays"? 


Good Aesthetics.

And none better than truly beautiful interiors.

Enter Little Rock based, Bear Hill Interiors.

Oh, you thought Tobi was the only game in town?

Not so fast.

I adore Mrs. Fairley, but Bear-Hill Interiors happens to be another big Arkansas favorite of mine.
They have the most exquisite taste, the perfection of the elusive "mix" and every interior of theirs just screams glamour and elegance.

Feast your eyeballs.

I put this room first, because it's my favorite. It's just so RIGHT.
In every way. The rug, the wallpaper, the dining chairs. The mirrored doors.

I love how they can be traditional, modern, even a little whimsical.

Can we talk about this? Where is this and why am I not there right now?


I can't EVEN. Love how they capitalized on the view and the natural light.
I'd be willing to bet that some fabulous dinner parties take place here.

all images courtesy of Bear-Hill Interiors

To see more of Bear-Hill Interiors' fabulous work, visit their website here.

Happy Monday! It will be Friday again before we even know it.