The First Day of School

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I always wonder who actually reads my blog. Sure, I have a stat counter set up, and blogger gives you a general idea of what humans found you relevant on any given day, but I always wonder which of my friends, family, acquaintances (read---random Facebook friends) and complete strangers give me 15 minutes of their day to hear what I have to say.

A couple of years ago, just as I was starting to gain followers past my immediate family, I landed a pretty fabulous job in Dallas. For those of you who aren't familiar with the Metroplex, that's a good 45 minutes to an hour from my house in Fort Worth. And thus, blogging started to fall behind on a long list of life tasks (like groceries and laundry) that seemed much less important after commuting over 2 hours each day.

A few weeks ago, I got the opportunity to actually work in Fort Worth (6 minutes from my house, no less) for a local decorator. I couldn't be more excited. And, hopefully, this will afford me a few more minutes to spend with all of you each day. That is, if you're still out there.

The first day of a new job has always seemed like the first day of school. If any of you indulged in the same circa-1998 teeny bopper magazines like I did, you will understand the lists upon lists of things I had leading up to the first day of school. Lists of my new beauty regimen (because obviously at the age of twelve I need to be applying daily masks and eye cream), lists of my "must-have" fall wardrobe pieces, lists of my new workout routine (again, an obvious need at the age of 12). Somehow these lists, promises of a more perfect year this year, helped me to be less nervous and more prepared for the new school year. Let's face it, these lists were September's New Year's Resolutions, and most of them didn't quite pan out, but, a list never hurt anyone.

Here's what I'm doing, or wish I was doing, for my "First Day of School":

I have been using the Aqua Glycolic skincare products on the recommendation of a friend, and I really like it! It makes my face feel super-clean and dewy.
I bought it off of in the 3-piece set, thinking it would be little sample sizes since it was like $40 for the whole set, but it's for sure full-size bottles.

Probably a little warm for early August in Texas, but oh so darling and perfect 
for the office.

This bag has been on my wish list since I laid eyes on it at Neiman's this past spring.
How BRIDAL is it in that soft blue. I obviously need a bag dedicated to wedding planning.

This cute Mint Stone necklace from J. Crew. Perfect for marrying the pink work dress with the minty work tote.

Loving these work-appropriate wedges from Ann Taylor.
I know their shoes seem a little pricey for a chain-retailer, but they are really worth it.
Great quality and really really comfortable.

And the 2014 Panama Diary from Smythson.
When we get near Fall, anything mustard just SINGS to me.

Happy Monday Everyone.

Wish me luck on my First Day of Work!