The Manly Home

Women definitely dominate the consumer market where home decor and fashion are concerned,
but there are so many fabulous things out there for our manfriend's enjoyment.

A few of my favorites for the manly home.

Guess who wants to register for Waterford glasses in our house?
Two hints: Not me, and not the corgis.

I bought these Arteriors chairs at an interior design auction for Brian.
They were just perfect for his mid-century inspired manly office.

 Brian is a cigar lover, like many men and there's no end to the array 
of smoking accessories. Love this Waterford tray from Etsy

I was at the Briar Shoppe in Houston over Christmas and laid my
eyes on this amazing lighter from Corona.
It was a tad out of my price range this Christmas, but hopefully it will show up
in Brian's stocking next year.

And I love, LOVE this Hermes Humidor.
Be still my heart. Not sure how "manly" it is, but if I can endure cigar smoke,
he can endure an orange lacquered box.

Can we talk about Woodland Spode?
My mother has it, as does everyone else I know.
Brian wants it for our everyday china. Am I the only one who doesn't like it?
There's something about woodland creatures and neutral florals that don't 
inspire me to eat/decorate.

And a few of my favorite men's fashions.

A coworker introduced me to Peter Millar, and I'm obsessed.
They have amazing colors in their line.  

 There is very small pool of good looking, well-priced men's clothing these days.

Everything has just gotten SOOO trendy. Or utterly heinous.
I mean, if your manfriend wants to wear a shirt with rhinestone monkey emblazoned on the back,
that's his business I suppose, but YUCK.

Another men's brand I'm really into right now is Southern Tide.
It sort of seems like Vineyard Vine's deep southern cousin.

They have fabulous colors as well.

Brian needs these turquoise shorts for spring.

Brian generally sticks to Cole Haan loafers, but I'm dying over the beauty of these TODS driving mocs.
Santa, can you hear me?

I don't love jewelry on a man----a wedding ring and watch are just about all I can get 
on board with. This vintage Rolex is TO DIE.
Mmmmm 1960s glamour.

 Lastly, but not least-ly.....The navy blue blazer is so BACK in my mind.
My dad gave B a Ralph Lauren blue blazer that he never wore at Christmas
and Brian wore it on Saturday night. You forget how something so classic can be so good-looking.

Come to think of it, they don't look half bad on women either!

Clean and Classic.