A Perfect Proposal

 via Lonny

So, last Friday night (March 1st) I was just sitting around minding my own business.

And who decided to propose marriage to me?


 I won't bore you with all the deets, but the short story is that he had a massive nosebleed for about an hour and a half before subsequently popping the question.

A combo of a minor cold/The drying effects of Mucinex/Massive Nerves

He cancelled our (bogus) dinner plans with friends, and off we went to Ellerbe's, my favorite restaurant in Fort Worth, to meet my mom, dad and sister.

It was perfect. I thought we were meeting the afformentioned friends for a post-dinner celebratory drink.

The afformentioned friends consisted of 6 people. Three girlfriends and their three husbands.

What I walked into, was no less than 37 of my closest friends.


 Friends, New and Old.

This girl (Lauren of The Semi-Designed Life) floored me.
She sent a bottle of champagne to Ellerbe's as a present because she "couldn't make it".
Oh, really? I about lost it when I saw her.

My high-school girlfriends and college girls all made the journey from Houston.
 (The shot on the top is from our senior year of high school, the bottom shot is the engagement night, 8 years later.)
 It was an awesome weekend with family and friends.
Here with my sister, Brian, Brian's brother Justin and his girlfriend Mary.

Our post-engagement celebration was held at The Usual, my favorite bar in Fort Worth.
Home of the delicious French 75, lots of mid-century interior inspiration and the best craft cocktails west of the Mississippi.

And this whole shindig was masterminded by this little lady.

Miss Morgan.

We met during our semester abroad in Florence. We both came with our respective best friends. 
And the four of us became inseperable.

 Callie (on the far left) now teaches 4th Grade in Houston and Blythe lives with her husband in DC.
Morgan and I both still live in Funkytown.

And spend almost every waking moment together.

 And she's been rooting for Brian and I to be betrothed for quite a while now.
So she helped him plan a fabulous surprise party.

I'll leave a lot of this for Wedding Wednesday,
 but for those of you who just can't wait......

We're thinking April 2014, we're thinking Fredericksburg, TX, and I'm thinking
Fancy Garden Party.

 I don't have everything worked out yet, but I'm thinking black and white (lots of stripes)
gold and pink/blush/peach.

 When I say gold, I mean sparkles.
I looked at a wedding venue yesterday and one of their rules was
"no glitter".
I almost burst out laughing, and promptly put it at the bottom of the list.

Are you wondering what I wore?

Call it foresight, call it divine intervention, but I had an itch to go shopping earlier that week.

And I bought this stunner from BCBG.

And this H&M mint tweed motorcycle jacket to top it.
 And added this Forever 21 necklace.

Watch out folks.....Wedding Wednesday's are about to get REAL legit.

And I promise this won't turn into a wedding blog.