Springtime Shopalooza

These days, it can be hard to think of anytime as the "best" time to shop.
Retailers are constantly inundating us with the newest, biggest, trendiest thing yet.

But for better or worse, my favorite time to shop has always been in Late-Winter/Early Spring. Right around Valentine's Day.

All the stores/designers are putting out their spring merchandise and there 
is never a bigger abundance of color, girly details, and just plain fun.

Here are my spring-time shopalooza picks!

This fab coffee table book from Furbish Studio----It would only fuel my obsession with Miami/Palm Beach.

This darling Kate Spade Hope Avenue Attie cross-body bag.
I love the neutral color piped in black and the bow detail.

These sassy little Tory Burch sandals. They're perfect for late spring pedicures, and they'll carry you 
all the way through summertime.

A hot coral finial from Hillary Thomas to spice up even the dullest lamp

I also love this Malachite version!

Vintage flamingos for styling your shelves or accessorizing your tables.

These fabulous greek key pillows from Woody Liana would brighten any sofa or bed.
And honestly, think of orange as a neutral. It works with so many colors.
Pink/Gold/Aqua/Yellow/Navy/Flax/Ivory/Green/Emerald/Powder Blue, just to name a few.

I love these yellow lamps from PiecesInc in Atlanta
Add them to your living room or bedroom for that instant touch of color!

via Loft

And finally, a fun and festive shell to throw under your blazer or cardigan.

What are your favorite pics for the season?