Wedding Wednesday.....Here Comes the Groom

One of the wedding situations I think is SO overlooked is the groom's outfit.

Brian and I have talked about this plenty, and while he seems to think that jeans and boots 
would be a suitable (no pun intended) outfit to get married in, I tend to disagree.

There used to be really only one choice for groomswear----The tux.
But now there are tons of options to choose from.

Theres your tux with the white dinner jacket.

Seen here on old-school James Bond.

And looking modern on Tom Ford.

There's the lighter colored suit.
I prefer a tan at the lightest. Noone wants to see the groom in a completely white suit.
It's your day to wear all white.

There's the snazzy grey suit.
Which looks OH SO AMAZING on my tv boyfriend, Roger Sterling.

There's also the navy suit.
Which I think is pretty dapper.

But you know what?
I'm a 90's girl.

And I grew up in a Father of the Bride world.

And the traditionalist in me thinks,
Whether it's a black Tux-ado or a blue Tux-ado,
It needs to be a Tuxedo.

 I'm all about getting creative with the boutonnieres though.

Like this option with the succulents.
Pure gold.

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