Resolutions for the Home

So, I was planning to bore you with all my New Year's Resolutions about losing weight/finding more balance/generally being a more awesome human being, BUT that would just be boring.

Instead, I thought I'd talk about my resolutions for my home in 2013.
We're planning to be in our little house for at least the rest of 2013, if not a bit into 2014. 
That being said, most of what I'm planning on is still in preparation for a new house and mostly has to do with our furniture and nothing permanent to the actual house.

Resolution # 1: Find a great fabric and recover my vintage tufted sofa.

Love the soft minty color.

I know it sounds counter intuitive to recover a vintage piece in a color very similar to what it is, but I feel like that keeps some of the integrity of the piece, while giving it a fresh look with new fabric.
And I think the linen will look fresh and clean.

Resolution # 2: Find/Make/Have Made a new headboard for our Master Bedroom.

Everything that's now in our master bedroom will become our guest room in our next house.
I'm thinking I want either a headboard in a fun/fresh shape like this one below.

Or a colorful tufted version like this.

Resolution # 3: Pick a fab rug for our living room.

Our current one has several issues.
1. It's an ancient Ikea find and it's seen better days
2. It's WAAAYYY too small for the space. We desperately need an 8 x10

I'm thinking a simple sisal. Which is really going to be the most cost effective option.

The dream options? 

A vintage Turkish Oushak rug.
Amaze. Also, currently totally delusional.

Also LOVE this Beni Ourain rug from Pottery Barn. But the size I need is $799.
In the grand scheme of things that's not bad at all, but my pennies are probably better spent saving for beauties for our next home.

Resolution # 4: FINALLY refinish my faux bamboo etagere, 
install it in my dining room, and style it.

This needs to happen like YESTERDAY.
The last time I blogged about this dumb thing it was APRIL. APRIL PEOPLE!! Don't know where the time has gone.

There is SO much shelf styling inspiration on Pinterest. Cannot wait to dive in.

Resolution # 5: Take our guest room look in ONE direction.

First it was nautical with greys, naves and mustard yellows.
Now the bedding has changed and it's partially French shabby chic, partially nautical and totally NOT cohesive looking.

I'm thinking something in between.
Something super chic and Parisian.

Inspiration below:

What do you want to accomplish in your home this year?