Dreamy Closet

I've seen alot of bloggers talk about closets.
Why? Because we bloggers like to talk about pretty, fantasmical things
and closets that are larger than the size of normal human's bedrooms
are fun to think and dream about.

The number one thing I think of when I think of fabulous closets?

Carrie Bradshaw.

She spent 75% of Sex and the City in that beautiful thing.

And she told Mr. Big to just get her a really big closet in lieu of a diamond ring.
I mean, the guy was a bazillionaire---he probably could have sprung for both,
but we won't get into all of Carrie's bad decisions on the show/movies.

And let's not forget her beyond amazing closet in SATC 2

Are they ever going to make a third movie?
Because it's honestly never going to get old for me.

If they can make 37 renditions of Die Hard, can't
they throw our generation of ladies a bone?

Anyway, I got to thinking about a Carrie Bradshaw worthy closet for us mere-mortals.

And it goes something like this.

Luscious high-gloss walls in Farrow & Ball's Middleton Pink and Lucite and Brass Closet Rods.

With the addition of a small loveseat (or tufted bench if you're super short on room)
upholstered in a pink ticking stripe and adorned with grey linen and raspberry chinoiserie pillows.
The confetti like fabric? It's from Schumacher's Lula DK Child line.
It's called Jelly Bean in Pink Lemonade. How precious is THAT?

Dear Lord, Please make sure I have baby girls someday.

I can't help but think that with a closet like this,
it would make even the most stressful of days seem like they were going to work out.

Even if you just fell in Dior.

And who could resist this 1930's dressing table set for the closet?
To Die.

The tufted Loveseat on my board is from Sparkle Barn,
a new discovery of mine.
They also just sold this amazing vintage sofa.
I cannot even tell you all of the wonderful possibilities it has.

What does the closet of your dreams look like?ο»Ώ