Wedding Wednesday----Choosing Vintage

 I left work on time yesterday and I decided to troll around my favorite mid-century antique mall
for a little while before making the drive back to Fort Worth. 

They always have the best sets of vintage hi and low-ball glasses in there, usually with gold and colored designs on them.

And I had the most genius idea.

I'll save my rant on wedding rentals for another day,
but I genuinely feel that rentals are generic and often downright offensive looking 
as of late.

So I thought, why not collect vintage glasses for the table scape and cocktail hour at a wedding?

Of course, this would only work if you're having 150 people or less.
And of course, it's dependent on how imperative it is to save money on your rentals,
because this is probably not a money saving tactic.
But if you've been following my Wedding Wednesdays for a while, 
you've picked up some moola-preserving techniques and you should have some surplus with which to get creative.

My friend Kaitlin did something similar for her wedding in Breckenridge last summer.
She collected tons of vintage napkins in different patterns that she placed intermittently at the place settings on her tables. It was beautiful and made the aesthetic really lovely and personal.

I perused Etsy to find a few examples to illustrate my point....

I love the idea of mixing and matching colors and styles,
and keeping the theme centralized with the gold accents on all the glasses.

Etsy also has a great selection of vintage napkins.

To really make an idea like this work, and be cost effective, you would probably have the 
most luck perusing your local flea markets, antique stores and thrift shops.

This idea is not for the lazy.

Happy Wednesday!

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