Wedding Wednesday.....Top Registry Picks

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I thought it'd be fun to give you my thoughts on Wedding Registry.

I've come up with my top few picks across the board, 
and I plan to get more specific in certain categories as I continue this series within a series.

Number One thing I'd register for?
A Kitchen Aid Mixer.

For two reasons. One, it's not something you'd typically buy for yourself.
And two, even if you're not a major cook right now, you'll use it down the road and it makes very pretty counter decor in the meantime.

 I love the mint version.
I understand that some neutralistas out there may want to choose the white or stainless versions,
but really what else in your kitchen will add just the right pop of color?

The next things aren't in any particular order, but I love them all.

Linen Hemstitch Napkins.
If you're entering into married life, and in many cases grown-up life, 
you need to own cloth napkins.
Please oh please don't serve your guests and hand them paper towels.

These napkins from Pottery Barn come in a variety of colors and they're reasonable. I'd consider the ivory or white version and add a fun colored monogram to them.
Maybe a bright green or orange!

 I've been lusting after this everyday silver from Williams-Sonoma forever.
It WILL be mine.
Expensive wine glasses ensure that you can serve your guests the cheap stuff 
and they'll barely know the difference.

A Nespresso Machine with Milk Frother.
Saving loads of money at Starbucks will certainely ease the pain of merging finances.

And a set of Leontine Bath Linens to fancy up your bath.

What are your top picks in the registry department?
Are you mad for linens or all into cookware?