A Tasty Discovery!

Last night I had an impromptu dinner in Dallas with my friends, Kaitlin and Richard.
They live in the COOLEST neighborhood ever, Oak Cliff.
And the adjacent Bishop Arts District is super fun.
You feel like you're in a teeny tiny version of Brooklyn.

There are a bunch of local businesses----restaurants, shops, bars, etc.
After dinner at one of my favorite pizza joints, Eno's, we headed across the street
to visit The Emporium for a slice of pie.

I'm definitely a pie lover and just a general lover of all life's little pleasures.

This place is precious. It's a little "pie only" bakery, where all the pies are homemade and therefore free of all the icky stuff you usually find in store bought pies.
They're super fresh and really fantastic.

The pies have inventive names like "The Drunken Nut", which is a Bourbon Pecan variety and "Lord of the Pies" which is a tasty apple.

I'm now KICKING myself that I didn't creepily snap any decor pictures with my iPhone, so I could share with all my lovely readers. Promises to do so upon my next visit.

I did partake in the pie below: The "Smooth Operator" pie, 
which was chocolate with a pretzel crust.
And it was Super Tasty DELICIOUS.

AND they wrap up your treat in these cute little baskets.
So, if you're in the Dallas area or are planning to visit,
treat yourself to one of these delights!

images via The Emporium on Facebook and DMagazine
Thanks Richard & Kaitlin for the introduction!