Wedding Wednesday.....Baubles

Man, was I wrong about ya'll.
I really anticipated getting a little flak for my post on engagement rings
few months ago.

But, it seems noone thought it was a strange or dull post at all, 
because it's my most viewed blog post EVER.

So, I'm here to give you another dose of what you so clearly want.

Pretty baubles for my pretty readers.

I think I've mentioned this, but Asscher's are my personal favorite.

I also love the idea of a traditional shape, with a different stone, 
Like this cushion cut emerald.

I've been following NYC jewelry designer, Marisa Perry on Facebook,
and cannot get enough of her fabulous designs.
Check out her digs in the next four photos.

 Split Shank

 In Love

 In Love
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The sapphire ring is getting more popular, 
thanks to one, Mrs. Kate Middleton.


And I love the vintage shape of this one.

 And speaking of vintage. 
I think vintage and unique is oh so glam.

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What's your flavor on engagement rings?