Wedding Wednesday---The Anti-Flowers

I need to make an absolutist statement right now.


And don't worry, this Wedding Wednesday isn't about to turn to a dark version of an "Always a bridesmaid, never a bride" mope.

What I do mean by this is that I'm constantly going to weddings, seeing things that are old, thing that are new, and things that make me feel blue.

Isn't rhyming fun?

Anyway, my friends all have very different budgets. And some of them can really afford truckloads of flowers.

And some can't. But, don't despair, because this Frugalista is about to hand you some wisdom.

You can have fabulous wedding decor, without flowers.


It's true, I tell you.

You can use things like moss in vintage milk glass containers.

Or succulents in simple containers.
Which can double as placecards and table decor.

Or a mix of the former.

And if you really can't live without some floral details, you can do mostly greenery with just one or two pretties.
 You can decorate with beautiful appetizers.
Like some cheesy goodness.

And vintage plates.
Which I swear are inhabiting every flea market on earth for under $1.

You can use feathers. Which are not unlike flowers for their whimsy and color.

You can use decorative objects like faux-etched mirrors.

And balloons! Oh, balloons.
Don't they just scream magic?

images via Pinterest

My point is.....There are lots of cheap alternatives to flowers.

You just have to find your fancy.