The Tatler----Retro Fabulous.

 Have ya'll ever read the Tatler?
The only reason I even knew of it's existence is that I've pretty much read every British chick-lit novel ever written.
Or at least all those by Jane Green and Sophie Kinsella.

Anyway, they used to mention the Tatler in there.

It's kind of a Town & Country meets Vogue meets US Weekly.
For the British elite.

I picked up an issue last week, mainly because of the sassy cover.
It features actress Alice Eve, beknowst only to me for her role in SATC 2---where she plays the nanny Charlotte is worried about.

But she looks SUPER 60's inspired and adorable on the cover---which got me super excited for her fashion spread.

And folks, is it ever fabulous.

 Not just the clothes, but the vintage finds in the interiors.
Let's note that FABULOUS soleil sculpture on the wall behind her.

 Dare I say that's Palm Springs?
It just might be.

images via and Faystyle Blog
Obsessed. I want her look immediately.
I need a truckload of funds to properly stock my fall wardrobe with vintage classics and couture.

Taking donations.