Guest Room Blues

 Lately I've been thinking alot about our guest room.
Which, like alot of guest rooms has been largely neglected over the last couple years.

It's basically a display case for the the stuff I'm not using.

It's especially frustrating that my bedroom style has gone from

Super Shabby Chic a la this:

To Hollywood Regency/1960's traditional with a twist a la this:

I'm fighting between my ADD side and my frugalista side.
 So I want to make my old things work for my new style.

Here's a little inspiration

 The bed frame I currently have is almost identical to the one below, except currently it's that antiqued off-white.

I think it might be pretty in a similar blue shade to this.
Maybe in a high gloss finish.

My current bedding is the thing that makes me want to cry the most because 
it was REALLY expensive and it's relatively new. It came into my life right before my decor 
tastes really started to change.

And it saddens me.

It's still so pretty and reminds me of something you might find in a quaint French hotel.

It just needs a little pop of color.

Enter these darling Serena & Lily Sheets

And these too cute linen pillows with a touch of sparkle.

I found a desk last year that looks EXACTLY like this one in Mary McDonald's office.
And I'm in the process of lacquering it white.

images via

It will replace the distressed farm-house table currently being used as a desk in our guest room.

I like the idea of making this room light blue, grey and black with pops of gold.

It's sophisticated, but still manly enough for Brian to get some work done in there, 
since our guest room doubles as his office.

For a touch of black, I'm thinking about moving this chair from our bedroom to the guest room


I think it marries French (Shabby) Chic with Hollywood Regency (Trad with a Twist)

My one question mark is what to do with these x-benches.
I'd like to keep them at the end of my guest bed.
But do I keep them the same in their original fabric?
It's in mint condition and I love it's likeness to the Hot House flowers fabric, designed by Celerie Kemble for Schumacher.

Or should I pick something more subdued?
I could even picture the benches in black patent. Or a soft blue velvet.