Bathrooms.....Go unique or go home.

 I was quite seriously laying awake in bed last night,
thinking about bathrooms.

Honestly, being immersed in the design world can sometimes be a bad thing.
Why? You're CONSTANTLY inundated with the "newest" thing.
And, you see so much, that you're quickly tired of the overdone and overused.

I love beautiful, classic bathrooms.
And I also like them to have a slight edge.

 Jonathan Adler's NYC bathroom----quite possibly, the bathroom heard round' the world.
I love the simplicity of the canvase. The white subway tiles, white octagonal tile on the floor, carrera marble trim, and bright brass hardware. And I love the shot of color and unexpected glamour from the orange curtain and the gorgeous Hermes sign.

I still remember seeing this bathroom in Domino.
So glamorous, so iconic.

The contrast of the dark wall color and pristine white tile in this bathroom is perfection.

A montage of bathrooms. All fabulous, all unique.

What's in your dream bathroom?