I'm just a GIRL.

I absolutely love my man-friend, Brian.

I mean, he's adorable...who wouldn't?

And I love the little cottage that we share together.

But sometimes....I fantasize about living in a totally girli-fied world.
One where there's no boy to complain about how much pink and sparkly shit is around.

Is that SO wrong?

Jonathan Adler is clearly fine with it! As evidenced by his rendition of Barbie's dreamhouse.

Is it SO wrong that I want a pink front door?

And a formal living room with eglomise on the ceiling, a hot pink chaise and a fabulous tufted white sofa?

And a dining room with a carrera marble table and faux bamboo chairs?

And a fun and pretty kitchen---Complete with mint bar stools and a seating area?

And a random platinum banquette---That's there, just for the sake of being glam?

This bedroom, we all know is non-negotiable.
Boy roomate or not.

I would also love this gilt closet.

And maybe a pink poodle.

And a dressing room filled with antique mirrored furniture....That I could lounge in.
With an evening gown on.

And my guest could bathe in one of my fabulously glamorous bathrooms.

Of which there would be many.

And I could be as cheeky as I pleased.

And throw parties that looked like this the next day.

And sit around looking glamorous in a get up like Carrie's.

Whilst being generally ridiculous and sipping pink champagne.

The End.