Shop Talk---Design Darling (The Boutique) is a new go-to!

Hello Friends. 
I wanted to mention the recent opening of a new online boutique that I LOVE,
in case you've been living under a rock and weren't already aware of it's existence.

Design Darling (The Boutique) is a fabulous e-boutique started by one of my most favorite style/interiors bloggers, Mackenzie of Design Darling.

I may or may not be a tad bit biased since she has a really cool name.

And because she seems like someone that I would be gal pals with.

Anyway, I am dying over the loot on Design Darling (The Boutique).
Feast your eyes!

A statement piece for sure---Something you can wear with your cashmere cardigans now
and your maxi dress come summer.

All engaged friends---Please now avert your eyes, because you will probably be receiving this tray (monogrammed with your respective initials) at some point before/during/post your nuptials.
Everyone needs a little monogrammed Lucite in their life.
I would use this to serve summer cocktails on.

There is also some really fun art for sale on Design Darling and I am loving it.
Especially that it's perfect for the color scheme of my boudoir.

And last, but certainly not least---there's these.

Which I will be needing, IMMEDIATELY.
I just adore them.
And they're pink. And fabulous.
Need I say more?