A Pot O' Gold.....

I remember looking at my mother's jewelry box around age eight and thinking
that she was seriously deranged for thinking that "gold" was still in style.

It was the nineties, and I had a big silver charm bracelet from James Avery and I thought I was really with it.

Oh, how times change.

I don't think I could be MORE obsessed with gold right now.

It feels like the stage in my late teens where I wanted to buy everything that had chipped paint.
Except this time is far worse.

I love touches of gold in interiors.

Subtle touches are the best---Like the inside of lamp shades and the detail on a coffee table
in this room designed by Jan Showers.

Or these pillows.
Gold also mixes famously with my other current obsession...PINK.

It's great for wedding shoes.

And home accents.
I'm especially loving gold bar carts right now.

And I'm convinced that gold paint can work just about any kind of magic.

Favorite gold manifestations include:

Stacks of gold bracelets

Unexpected gold sequins woven into a care free outfit.

Gold Hermes bracelets.

This gold piggy bank

Gold leaf soleil mirrors.

Wheat sheaf tables.
I have a small one in my living room that really added a shot of glam into the space.

And of course, the more unabashed the use of gold, 
the better.

Do you love gold?