Down to Business---The Desk Hunt.

Ok, Let's get real--- I need a new desk.

This is my current situation.
I did FINALLY get a new mirror, which is in the process of being hung.
And the x-benches have migrated to the guest room---situated at the end of the bed.
I now have a pink bamboo chair as my desk chair.

But my desk, which was a vintage find in college is tired.

So first, let's talk about what I want.

Which is some lacquered fabulousness.

Or something Frenchy.

Or something plain ridiculous and amazing like this.
I think these gold seahorses would be very content at my house.

I'm not in love with this desk, but I do adore this office.

I like this fretwork piece---Also something I'd be super into.

I love that this ivory lacquered, glass top desk is something fun and different.

And let's fantasize.
Curse you, Jonathan Adler, for making me want thing like this Bond Desk, that I can't afford.
You are too fabulous for words.

And let's talk about how Pieces has an ivory lacquer version.
Because, It's pretty darn amaze.

And, now we'll jolt back to the reality of my small budget.

The question begs---Do I get a Parson's?
Are they over-done? Or classic?

I love this mirrored version.

This Lucite version from CB2 is a good, affordable option and it gives the look of more expensive mid-century pieces.

And this World Market version of a Parson's style isn't too shabby either.

The other option is to find something vintage and re-paint/re-finish it.