These are a few of my favorite things!

Remember Oprah's Favorite Things?
And how excited everyone in the audience would get?

Probably because they knew they were winning new cars and all kinds of crap,
but still.

Anyway--We're going to start doing that on Fridays on this here blog.

Ready Freddy?

Here are my Friday Faves!

When I say that I haven't taken these off since I opened them on Christmas 
morning, I'm sort-of, but not really kidding.

They're amazing, thick, wash well.
Can't say enough. LOVE THEM.

Are ya'll looking on Dering Hall yet?
It's a new site that showcases well known designer's portfolios and products.
Anyway, I was perusing Tobi Fairley's page and I came across this canary yellow lantern.

I just think it's to die.

Celia Foote in The Help
It's my new favorite movie.
I laugh, I cry, I oggle 60's clothing and interiors.
And I love everything about Celia.
Personality, Clothes, Her unabashed brazen demeanor, and mostly how she describes her interior decorating style....

" If I had it my way---It'd be wall to wall white carpet with gold trim."

You're a doll Celia. The woman I long to be!

I have one in almost every color and they're amazing. I wear one under absolutely everything.
It smooths you out, hides uneccessary boobage, and adds a punch of color under your top.

Blue tufted sofas.
Yes, specifically tufted and specifically blue.
They're oh so glam.

Statement window treatments.
I'm in no way advocating treatments that swallow your room. 
But I love a pop of color and some good tailored detailing.

And the coral----Oh, THE coral.

Happy Friday to all!
I'm headed to Houston for the weekend for my friend Jen's bridal shower.
What are your plans?