I'm dreaming of.....Next Christmas

I know today should be the return of Wedding Wednesday, but it's not.
Today is when I tell you about my Number 1 New Year's Resolution.
The beauty of said resolution being, that it doesn't start until the day after Thanksgiving 2012.

It's how I plan to decorate for Christmas next year.
Have you ever heard the expression, "The cobbler's children have no shoes." ?
Well, that's how I felt last night as I phoned in my Christmas decorating and put up the same darn tree
I've been putting up since college.

"You're an aspiring Decorina", I thought--- #JUDGING MYSELF.
It's just NOT ok.

I'm still on the same tiffany blue and silver theme of the last 5 Christmas'. Really,
because with my new design job, I have ZERO time to think about Christmas.
But next year, folks, things are going to be different!

I am one-hundred percent planning to purchase a 1960's era pink tinsel tree.

And it's going to be fabulous.
Not in an Elle Woods way---In a Betty Draper way.

I'm also planning to fill every container I can find with vintage mercury glass balls like these.....

And do some cool "DIY" projects, like make table-top vintage trees
and Mercury glass wreaths.

And, while we're on a pink tangent---I LOVE this vintage pink Mercedes.

I also plan to mix in some "natural" things into my Christmas displays.

Now, readers, I'm expecting you to hold me to it next December.

Oh, and P.S. I fully plan to do all this while wearing a tulle evening gown like the one above.