As much as I don't like to admit it, I think regularly about 
what I don't yet have.

A nice big kitchen in which to cook Thanksgiving dinner for instance, a big engagement ring, a new car,
a fabulous new bag.

"Keeping up with the Jones' " is a natural part of being in your mid-20's I suppose and I would venture to guess that it doesn't stop here. Today, however, I'd like to put all of that aside and focus on what I am truly THANKFUL for, because I do have one pretty amazing life.

My sweet man-friend, Brian, who is always there to make me laugh,
no matter what the situation.

Our even sweeter doggies, Trump and Trammell.
They're the best corgis anyone could ask for.
(And they're really excited about the prospect of table food today...)

My sister Molly, who drives me CRAZY and who I love fiercely all at the 
same time.

We have almost nothing in common, except our strange sense of humor.
And I love her for it.

My parents who are sweet, silly and always dancing.

They're dancing in this picture (at my sister's college graduation in May)
And their "song" is Could I have this dance for the rest of my life, by Anne Murray.

They inspire me to have a perfectly imperfect marriage someday.

Our teeny-tiny cottage.
Even as I complain about it regularly (see above), I know I will miss it when we 
move on.

The decor in our house.
Not yet perfect, and always changing.
I've spent many hours toiling & thrifting, and although sometimes I think it would
be easier with an unlimited budget....($10,000+ sofa and Hermes throw may or may not equal Euphoria)
I love that it's completely me.

FINALLY, a design-related job.
It's stressful and I'm EXHAUSTED at the end of every day,
but I've never been happier.
I love every minute of it.

The happiest Thanksgiving to all,
every one of my family and friends,
I am THANKFUL for YOU today.

And to my 94 (and counting!) followers,
for being so patient during my new job transition,
and the lack of time to blog!

Off to Fredericksburg!
One of my favorite places on earth.

Happy Thanksgiving!